A Moment in Bournemouth

Development and experiment work towards my art foundation stage one media project.

Fast with Idea sound. This was my final idea for moving image but having to convert files has messed them around and for some reason this is not working properly. I have tried out numerous file types and it’s not getting any better. It is basically all the sounds overlapped and the fast moving image from before on repeat. I think its really effective at communicating my idea. This is something that with more time I’d like to develop further and extend and develop the moving image more. Maybe using video clips cut up and mixed about with this sound instead of still image.

Faster on own. This was just me trying out speed. I think it is much more effective faster. 

fast with rain. First attempt at playing with sound and speed together. For some reason on here it seems to be playing up but the original works well. Quite atmospheric.

1 picture flicked. This is another play just trying to work out how to build the images up.

After planning I decided to make the moving image based on the build up of the collages, layering on section at a time with speed to look like the construction of them. This one was my first initial play just constructing one image like this.

Plans for moving image. I wanted to try and use the sounds I recorded at the beginning and have been thinking the whole time how I can use those sounds. My photo collages seem to naturally lend themselves to this so here are my plans on how I can transform them to moving image to accompany the sounds well.

Photo collage. These photo collages were me trying to recreate the motion of crossing the road and the atmosphere by isolation sections trying to create new scenes. I played around with multiple ideas including looking at repetition and what it suggests, placement of the figure and perspective in the sections. I really like some of them in particular. I don’t think they are as good against a background. Might look better hung up or something.

Isolating parts. Refining this idea. I cut this photo into three. I noticed so much more detail than originally when first looking at the photo . I cut it in this way to see the feet and faces in particular. I notice more people crossing the road, how many people are actually crossing the road, people placement, the relationship to one another and lots more. This works well as an outcome and I think would be really effective with lots of photos like this but blown up really big. The photos viewed as one and then each section totally separate.

Photo shop layering - more experiments. Trying to define my experiments before. This time I used layers and removed the background. It creates a much neater finish and looks a lot more professional. To try and merge where photos look a bit odd I blurred the photo around but that didn’t make it look any better. I look the finish in the third photo with the two photos passing but not interacting. They look as if they’re just walking through each other which does work in a way. 

Photo shop. Using the clone tool I did these experiments on photo shop. I’m not the greatest at photoshop but we had a workshop session so thought I should use my time to benefit me and at least have a go. I tend to not like the look of working on photo shop, things look unreal and staged. Maybe I would chose to use it if that was a result I was after. Here I used the clone tool to repeat figures to suggest movement and the person crossing the road. I then tried to clone images into other images. I made people cross one another with the idea of passing but not properly interacting and to try and show how isolated the figures are within one another. I did this again with a group of people, cloning and inserting more people into the scene. In both I think this looks quite messy because of the clone tool, which I don’t think is the best way to do this. I think the idea with this is quite confusing and not really communicating my idea particularly well.